Our Program

Posted by Kristie Newland on Sep 16th 2019

Polished Industries is a rather unique business and I often have people ask me how the business came about. Polished Industries was created by combining two businesses that I owned. The first … read more

How to Show Employee Appreciation

Posted by Kristie Newland on Apr 4th 2019

Business owners and managers know how important it is to have a team of dedicated, hard-working employeeshelping you achieve short-term and long-term company goals each day.  However, even the mo … read more

The History of Gift Baskets

Posted by Kristie Newland on Apr 4th 2019

A friend of mine found this in her Father’s basement. It is an original House and Garden magazine dated November 1939. I’m happy to say, that is older than me!The cover is typical Gone With the Wi … read more

What is Gratitude Marketing?

Posted by Kristie Newland on Apr 4th 2019

We have been using a term that you may not be familiar with or know why it is important. Gratitude marketing. What is it anyway?Gratitude marketing is going out of our way to show appreciation an … read more