How to Show Employee Appreciation

Posted by Kristie Newland on Apr 4th 2019

Business owners and managers know how important it is to have a team of dedicated, hard-working employees

helping you achieve short-term and long-term company goals each day.  However, even the most rewarding job

isn't without its trial, and it can be hard for employees to stay motivated day in and day out.  By giving your staff

little incentives and employee appreciation gifts, you can help boost morale, increase productivity and on-the-job

satisfaction, and show your team how much they are valued.  Polished Industries is your source for creative gift

baskets filled with high-quality goodies your employees will love!

Whether you are celebrating a staff members personal milestone, such as a birthday, a marriage, or the arrival of a 

new baby, or you want to recognize your employee for a professional achievement, our gift baskets strike just the 

right note to show you care.  Choose from our selection of gift basket ideas to find exactly what your valued employee

would appreciate the most.  Gift baskets are a great way to say Congratulations, Get Well, or Thank You, and will

leave a lasting, memorable impression on the recipient for years to come.

Polished Industries understands the importance of making a difference in your employees lives - each day we strive 

to educate and inspire disadvantaged young women by hiring them for a variety of positions at our company.  Each 

time you purchase a Polished Industries gift basket or mini-gift, you are helping us achieve our goal of creating a 

work environment that teaches valuable skills to women who deserve a chance to grow beyond themselves, to work 

and live independently.  We make it our mission to give back to our employees by empowering them with the tools 

they need to succeed in business and in life.

Show your employees how much they mean to you with a beautiful, handcrafted gift basket by Polished Industries.

Your staff matter a great deal to the success of your company, and it's essential to let your employees know you

care. When surveyed why employees changed jobs, the number one reason was that they did not feel appreciated. 

Let's not let that happen to your employees.  When they are happy, you are happy!