Our Program

Posted by Kristie Newland on Sep 16th 2019

Polished Industries is a rather unique business and I often have people ask me how the business came about.

Polished Industries was created by combining two businesses that I owned.

The first business was a gift basket and party favor business where I sold products to individuals and charities. I operated this business part time from 2002-2008.

The second was a psychotherapy practice that I started in 2002. Here, I counseled teen girls that had a severe trauma history and some of these girls were in the foster care system.

I saw that, as these girls were aging out of the system, they received very limited resources to make it on their own. They were given an emancipation course by the county but no continuing support or guidance.

I made a decision to do something about this problem.

I decided to create a business that could sustain itself while employing young women who are struggling to overcome financial, educational, and social boundaries and who could benefit from leadership and support to help them realize their potential. I thought the gift basket business would be a perfect venue to accomplish this goal.

I first looked at the issues that these young women faced.

I found that:
• Safety was a concern.
• Education was not the issue.
• Support and guidance were lacking.
• Trauma histories were prevalent.
• Social skills were needed.
• Talents needed to be utilized.
• They needed a chance and someone to believe in them.

With this information in mind, I set out to design a program to address the obstacles the women faced. I made the decision to hire women that had aged out of foster care, been homeless, traumatized or disadvantaged in a variety of ways. My target age group was 18-24. I wanted to offer help before they became involved in the legal system.

First, I needed a name. I prayed about it and the name Polished Industries came to me. These young women are diamonds in the rough and just needed a little polishing. Once our name was established, Polished Industries was born! That was three years ago and we are growing strong.

Over the course of a year with Polished Industries, the women learn social, personal and business skills. Each quarter focuses on one aspect. The first quarter they learn how to be employed, ethics, rules, and manners. The second quarter is learning social skills by being in front of the public, on the phone, and gaining confidence in professional interactions. In the third quarter they learn about running a business, and we assess their skills, what they like, and what they want to do for a job. For the fourth quarter we help them write a resume, practice interviewing skills, and get them a suitable outfit for their interviews. We want them to leave our program with enough skills to get a job that will support and sustain them.

The Program:
• Polished Industries provides a safe and supportive environment for the women.
• They are employed to assemble, design, and deliver the products.
• Talents and skills surface as they learn about running a business.
• At the same time, they are learning skills that will help them gain employment in a job that will support them.

We are the first to say that Polished Industries is nothing without the women that we employ to assemble and design our products. We are very proud of them and what they accomplish in our program.

The other component that is vital to our growth is our customers. You are special to us and we can’t stay in business without you. The more gifts you buy, the more women we can help. Each gift you purchase provides hope and employment for the women. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!