What is Gratitude Marketing?

Posted by Kristie Newland on Apr 4th 2019

We have been using a term that you may not be familiar with or know why it is important. Gratitude marketing. What is it anyway?

Gratitude marketing is going out of our way to show appreciation and acknowledge that our clients are important to us. We are all familiar with traditional marketing which is often generalized and unpersonal. Gratitude marketing is engaging, personal, and creates genuine connections.

Below are Ten Reasons why Gratitude Marketing is beneficial to your business.   

#1 – It makes your clients feel appreciated and valued. This is a way to show your clients how important they are to your business.

#2 - Gratitude Marketing makes you feel good. When we do nice things for others this triggers the release of endorphins that make us feel good. Everyone needs to feel positive about what they do.

#3 – We like to help those that help us. Gratitude marketing creates reciprocity with our clients. They give you business and you show gratitude for their business. They help you and you help them.

#4 – Loyalty is hard to come by in today’s marketplace. When you remember a client’s birthday or help them commemorate a special event they will think of you the next time they need a product or service that you can provide.

#5 – Gratitude marketing makes you stand out from your competition. You have some tough competition, so anything you can do to be different and be noticed is a bonus. What better way to get noticed than to send your client a fun gift basket?

#6 – Referrals are a part of every business. When you have a satisfied client they will be sure to spread to word to their circle of influence. Good relationships are talked about in the business world.

#7 – A thank you speaks volumes. In our fast paced world, many actions go unacknowledged and are taken for granted. Gratitude marketing doesn’t let this happen. Any event, promotion, action can be appreciated and we help you do just that.

#8 – Gratitude marketing provides a consistent, steady plan of appreciation for your clients. Once you determine how often you want to make contact, the rest is easy with a systematic plan of focus.

#9 – Built in contact with your clients. When they receive a gift or acknowledgement from you, they will contact you to thank you. That is a dream situation to have your client’s calling you!

#10 – Gratitude marketing emphasizes the value of a client. Everyone in business knows how expensive it is to acquire a client. Money spent retaining a client and expanding the items and services they purchase from you is money well spent. Fostering current client relationships simply makes smart sense.